X50 Raw Vegan Protein Organic Chocolate

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X50 Raw Organic Chocolate Vegan protein contains more than 4.5g of naturally present BCAAs, superfood extracts, and added L-Carnitine, which aids in improving fat utilization both during the day and post-exercise.

Formulated by combining Yellow Pea Protein concentrate with Organic Brown Rice concentrate, the X50 Raw Vegan Blend encompasses 18 naturally existing amino acids. With minimal sugar content and just 5% fat, this blend also incorporates a premium selection of organic ancient grains to guarantee the attainment of optimal nutritional benefits.


  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners, gluten-free
  • Yellow Pea Protein: A dairy and gluten-free protein source, rich in branched-chain amino acids. It constitutes 65% of the protein blend in X50.
  • Organic Brown Rice: A dairy and gluten-free protein source, abundant in amino acids for recovery. It's high in BCAAs and promotes muscle recovery. 
  • Superfood Blend: The nutrient-dense superfood blend in X50 offers a substantial amount of natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This supports immune health, cell health, and overall bodily functions. Consumption of high-quality antioxidants has been proven to mitigate the adverse effects of free radicals, which surge due to stressors like life and exercise. This results in reduced systemic inflammation and improved markers of immunity.


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