X50 600 ml SHAKER GREEN and PINK

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Bring the best shaker bottle for protein shakes X50 600ml Shaker along wherever you venture. It offers a hassle-free method to blend and relish your favorite X50 products!

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Green Tea X50: Green+Pink

What's the reason behind the global trend of infusing chilled water with a sachet of Green Tea X50? It's all about optimizing every moment of the day while maintaining a positive well-being. Green Tea X50 serves as the ultimate solution to amplify your vitality with its infusion of pure energy, an abundance of antioxidants (because who can ever get enough of those?), and a wholesome serving of green tea that actively enhances your metabolism.

Let's not overlook one of our standout components: resveratrol. Recognized as a potent antioxidant commonly enriched in grapes (hence the endorsement of red wine's health benefits!), resveratrol has been seamlessly integrated into our formulation. This addition elevates anti-aging properties and provides a robust defense against harmful free radicals.

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