RIO Sticks for Canaries with tropical fruits 2x40g

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RIO Sticks for Canaries with Tropical Fruits are a delightful and nutritious treat crafted to appeal to the taste preferences of your charming canaries. This package includes 2 sticks, each weighing 40g, providing a flavorful and enriching experience for your feathered friends.

These sticks are thoughtfully made with a blend of tropical fruits, offering a burst of natural flavors and essential nutrients. The combination of fruity goodness not only adds variety to your canaries' diet but also provides vitamins and minerals that contribute to their overall well-being.

To treat your canaries, simply place the sticks in their cage or aviary, allowing them to indulge in a satisfying and interactive feeding experience. The sticks encourage natural behaviors like chewing and exploration, promoting beak health and mental stimulation.

RIO Sticks for Canaries with Tropical Fruits are a convenient way to supplement your canaries' diet while offering them a tasty and engaging treat. As with any treats, moderation is important, and these sticks can be given as a special reward or to add excitement to their daily routine.

Choose RIO Sticks for Canaries with Tropical Fruits to delight your feathered friends with the irresistible taste of tropical fruits, enhancing their overall happiness and well-being.

Vendor Rio
Type Food
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