RIO Spray millet natural treat for all birds 100g

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RIO Spray Millet Natural Treat for All Birds is a delightful and wholesome snack suitable for a variety of feathered friends. This 100g package contains premium, sun-ripened spray millet, offering a tasty and nutritious treat for your birds.

Harvested at the peak of ripeness, RIO Spray Millet provides a natural and appealing option to add variety to your birds' diet. The millet is presented in a spray form, making it easy to hang in your birds' cage or aviary, allowing them to enjoy a satisfying and interactive feeding experience.

Whether you have budgies, canaries, parakeets, or other small to medium-sized birds, RIO Spray Millet is a suitable and convenient treat. The natural chewing and foraging instincts of your birds are encouraged as they nibble on the millet, promoting beak health and mental stimulation.

To offer this treat, simply hang the spray millet in your birds' living space and watch as they relish this flavorful and nutritious addition to their diet. As with any treats, moderation is key, and RIO Spray Millet can be given as a special reward or to provide a change of pace in their daily routine.

Choose RIO Spray Millet Natural Treat for All Birds to treat your feathered friends to a natural and wholesome snack, enhancing their overall happiness and well-being.


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