Feeding Bottle Cover with Animated Cartoon Design

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The Plush Baby Zip Feeding Bottle Cover, a perfect blend of convenience and cuteness for your little one's feeding time. This cover, designed for 125-250 ml bottles, combines functionality with style. The zippered closure ensures easy access, while the animated cartoon design adds a playful touch that captures your baby's imagination. Crafted with plush material, this cover provides a soft and comfortable grip for tiny hands. Make feeding moments extra special with the delightful combination of practicality and charm—choose the Plush Baby Zip Feeding Bottle Cover for a cozy and adorable addition to your baby's essentials.

We provide a wide range of cute and adorable bottle covers that will make bottle feeding fun for your little one. These cutely designed velvet bottle covers will take away your worries and make bottle feeding a joyful and fun activity for your kid. Baby will love the colors and animated plush toys on it. It comes with a loop on the neck, which makes it easy to attach a crib or carrier. The perfect fit and attractive cartoon character plush make it irresistible. eye-catching, attractive cartoon or character design bottle cover.

Pack of           :  2 (Combo Pack)
Colour            :  Dark Orange and Light Pink.
Open Type     :  Zip
Design           :  Animated Cartoon Design
Size                : 125-250 ml

Additional Information

Bottle Covers Are Made From soft, plush Fabric that protects Feeding Bottles from dust and scratches and keeps the Bottles covered during Travel and At Home. Made from sturdy material, these bottle covers are made from soft fabric that protects the feeding bottles from dust and scratches and keeps the bottles covered during travel and at home.

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