Nutrex Research Glutamine Drive Black 1kg Powder

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Glutamine, a crucial amino acid constituting 60% of all amino acids in muscle tissue, plays a vital role. Intense training, dieting, and stress deplete natural glutamine stores in muscles, breaking down muscle tissue in the process. The key to reversing this breakdown is swift recovery and accelerated muscle tissue repair—essential for muscle and strength development.†

Supplementing with additional L-Glutamine helps maintain elevated muscular glutamine levels, expediting muscle tissue repair and growth. Daily consumption of L-Glutamine is integral to maximizing muscle-building results. GLUTAMINE DRIVE® offers pure L-Glutamine, unflavored and easily added to any beverage of your choice. Incorporating a scoop of GLUTAMINE DRIVE® into your post-workout drink or meal significantly enhances muscle repair, priming your body for faster muscle tissue growth.

Vendor Nutrex Research
Type protein powder
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