Nandi Venison Bone Medium

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Nandi Venison Bone in a Medium size – a savory delight for your four-legged friend. Sourced from high-quality venison, this bone offers a taste experience that reflects the natural and wild essence of Nandi.

Perfectly sized for medium-sized dogs, the Nandi Venison Bone Medium is a chewable treasure that not only indulges your pet's taste buds but also supports dental health. The richness of venison flavor makes this bone an enticing treat, keeping your dog happily occupied.

Trust in Nandi's commitment to providing top-notch, natural pet treats. The Medium Venison Bone is a testament to their dedication to quality, ensuring a wholesome and enjoyable chewing experience for your furry companion. Treat your dog to the authentic taste of the wild with Nandi Venison Bone Medium.

Vendor Nandi
Type Food
Weight 0.0 kg