Nandi Nguni Beef Marrow Bone Chews 400g

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Did youIndulge your canine companion with the delectable Nandi Nguni Beef Marrow Bone Chews weighing 400g. Sourced from the finest Nguni cattle, these savory treats are a true delight for your furry friend. Packed with rich marrow, these bones provide not only a flavorful experience but also a healthy dose of nutrients. Crafted with care, these Nandi Nguni Beef Marrow Bone Chews offer a satisfying chewing experience that promotes dental health and helps to keep your dog entertained. The 400g size ensures lasting enjoyment, making it an ideal treat for dogs of all sizes. Treat your pet to the natural goodness of Nandi, where quality and taste converge in every chew. These marrow bone delights are a testament to the premium quality that Nandi is known for, providing your dog with a wholesome and delicious treat experience. know cattle can smell something up to six miles away? That’s even better than your dog, whose sense of smell is forty times better than yours! Now give this bone a sniff… Smells pretty good, right? Just imagine how good it’ll smell to your dog. We’re sure they’ll dig it. \n \nIngredients: Beef Shin Bones \n \nGuaranteed Analysis \n \nCrude Protein (Min %) 15,1 \n \n \nCrude Fat (Min %) 32,0 \n \n \nMoisture (Max %) 7,0 \n \n \nCrude Fiber (Max %) <0,4 \n \n \nCaloric Content (Kcal/kg) 4390
Vendor Nandi
Type Food
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