Michelin Programmable Tyre Pressure Gauge

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About this item

This item is a tire pressure gauge that provides precise accuracy for extended tire life and improved mileage. It's programmable for two cars and includes a metal top housing with a 360-degree rotating nozzle and bleed valve. The gauge has a range of 5-99 psi with 0.5 psi resolution and features a built-in flashlight for low-light situations. The large, easy-to-read white back-lit LCD display ensures ultimate visibility.

Additionally, it can be converted to display four different units: psi, bar, kpa, and kg/cm² for international use. The gauge can be programmed with front and rear tire pressures for up to two cars, and it automatically turns on when placed on the tire valve. The range is 5-99 PSI in ½ lb units, and it is accurate to +/- 1%. The benefits include minimizing tire wear, aiding fuel consumption, and improving roadholding and handling. The ergonomic design and clear, easy pressure reading contribute to its user-friendly features, and it also helps save battery power.

Vendor Michelin
Type Programmable Tyre Pressure Gauge
Weight 0.0 kg