Michelin Hybrid Rainforce 22 Inch Wiper Blade

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Enhance your road visibility with the Michelin Hybrid Rainforce Wiper Blade, meticulously crafted for 22-inch lengths. Merging cutting-edge technology with Michelin's esteemed quality, this wiper blade ensures outstanding performance in all weather conditions. Its hybrid design strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and durability, embracing your windshield wiper's contours for streak-free wipes. Rainforce technology kicks in for superior water dispersion, improving visibility in rain, sleet, or snow.

Trust in Michelin's precision engineering and innovation to deliver a wiper blade that excels in both function and form, guaranteeing a clear windshield and secure driving.

Opt for the Michelin Hybrid Rainforce Wiper Blade for an unmatched 22-inch wiper blade experience.

Auto part position - Front,

Brand - Michelin,

Material - Natural Rubber,

Fit type - Vehicle Specific Fit,

Item dimensions LxWxH - 53 x 2 x 3 cm.

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