M-PETS Super Clumping Cat Litter Non Scented 10L

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Introducing the M-Pets Super Clumping Cat Litter in Non-Scented, a premium choice for cat owners who prefer a fragrance-free option. This highly effective cat litter forms tight clumps upon contact with moisture, making scooping and cleaning a breeze. With its advanced clumping formula, it helps to lock in odors, keeping your home fresh and clean. The non-scented formula is ideal for cats with sensitivities to fragrances or for households where odor control is a top priority. With a generous capacity of 10 liters, this cat litter provides long-lasting use for multi-cat households. Keep your feline friend's litter box fresh and hygienic with M-Pets Super Clumping Cat Litter in Non-Scented.

Vendor M-PETS
Type Food
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