M-PETS Small Animal Glass Drinking Bottle 769ml L

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Taking care of small pets like hamsters are easy when you have the essentials you need. Get your small pet's habitat M-Pets Small Animal Glass Drinking Bottles. These non-spill bottles are made of recycled glass easily clip onto the cage with a retractable spring cable. Monitor your small animal's water intake with the measurement labelled on the side of the bottle.

Introducing the M-Pets Small Animal Glass Drinking Bottle, size L, a durable and practical solution for providing water to your small pet. Crafted from sturdy glass, this bottle is resistant to chewing and scratching, ensuring long-lasting use. With a generous capacity of 769ml, it provides a plentiful supply of water for your furry friend throughout the day. The included metal sipper tube allows for easy access to water while preventing leaks and spills. Keep your small animal hydrated and happy with the M-Pets Small Animal Glass Drinking Bottle in size L.

Vendor M-PETS
Type Food
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