M-PETS Autobrake Retractable Leash L

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Dogs are naturally very curious and can easily get distracted especially outdoors. M-PETS Autobrake Retractable Leash is perfect to avoid dangerous situations when taking walks, and to protect your arm and your canine companion's neck from getting hurt.

M-Pets Autobrake Retractable Leash in a large size, offering convenience and safety for walking your furry friend. This leash features an innovative autobrake system that automatically stops and locks the leash when your dog pulls too hard or suddenly lunges, providing added control and preventing accidents. The durable construction ensures reliability during walks, while the ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip for extended use. With its retractable design, you can easily adjust the leash length to suit your walking environment. Enjoy hassle-free walks with your pet using the M-Pets Autobrake Retractable Leash in a large size.

Vendor M-PETS
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