GiGwi Collar Classic Line L

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GiGwi Classic Line Collar in a larger size (Size L)! This collar is not just a functional accessory but a stylish statement for your canine companion.

The GiGwi Classic Line Collar features a timeless design that blends simplicity with durability. Crafted with quality materials, it ensures a comfortable fit for your large-sized dog while providing a classic and polished look.

Whether you're out for a stroll or engaging in outdoor adventures, the GiGwi Classic Line Collar is designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear. The larger size ensures a secure and snug fit for your big pup, allowing them to showcase their style with confidence.

Choose the GiGwi Classic Line Collar in Large (Size L) for a perfect blend of fashion and function, because your dog's comfort and style matter!

Vendor GiGwi -
Type Collar
Weight 0.0 kg