Doggy Joy Calcium Bones with Duck Puppy Treats 90g

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Doggy Joy Calcium Bones with Duck Puppy Treats are a delightful and nutritious snack designed to keep your puppy happy and healthy. Let's dive into the key features of these tasty treats:

Key Features:

Mouthwatering Flavor: The irresistible combination of calcium-rich bones and savory duck creates a flavor profile that your puppy will find absolutely delicious. It's a treat that adds excitement to your pup's snack time.

High-Quality Ingredients: We prioritize your pet's well-being, and that's why these treats are made with premium, high-quality ingredients. You can trust that your puppy is getting a wholesome snack free from artificial additives.

Calcium Boost: These treats are fortified with calcium, a crucial mineral for the development of strong bones and teeth. It's a great addition to support your growing puppy's skeletal health.

Protein-Packed Duck: Duck is not only a flavorful choice but also a protein powerhouse. These treats provide a protein boost that aids in muscle development and overall growth.

Dental Health: The crunchy texture of the calcium bones helps promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Chewing on these treats can contribute to healthy teeth and gums.

Digestible Goodness: We understand the importance of easy digestion, especially for puppies. These treats are crafted to be easily digestible, making them a suitable and enjoyable snack for your furry friend.

Training Friendly: The convenient size of these treats makes them perfect for training sessions. Use them as positive reinforcement to reward your puppy for good behavior and obedience.

Packaging for Freshness: The treats come in a resealable bag, ensuring that each treat stays fresh and tasty. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can easily treat your puppy to a flavorful experience.

All-Breed Compatibility: Doggy Joy Calcium Bones with Duck Puppy Treats are suitable for puppies of all breeds. Whether you have a tiny Terrier or a large Golden Retriever, these treats cater to all.

Feeding Instructions:

For optimal health benefits, feed these treats in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Always provide fresh water for your puppy.

Treat your furry companion to the joy of Doggy Joy Calcium Bones with Duck Puppy Treats—a delectable way to show your love and care for their well-being.

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