Carnilove Fresh Ostrich & Lamb for Small Breed Adult Dogs 1.5kg

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Introducing Carnilove Fresh Ostrich & Lamb for Small Breed Adult Dogs, the pinnacle of nutrition tailored specifically for your petite pooch. Specially formulated with the finest ingredients, this premium blend ensures optimal health and vitality for your small breed companion.

Crafted with care, Carnilove's Fresh Ostrich & Lamb recipe offers a delectable combination of flavors that will tantalize your dog's taste buds with every bite. With real ostrich and lamb as the primary ingredients, this diet provides a protein-rich meal that supports muscle maintenance and overall well-being.

Designed specifically for small breed adult dogs, each 1.5kg bag is packed with the perfect balance of nutrients to meet their unique dietary needs. Whether your dog is a picky eater or simply deserves the best, Carnilove Fresh Ostrich & Lamb delivers satisfaction in every bowl.

Say goodbye to artificial additives and hello to natural goodness. This formula is free from grains, artificial colors, and preservatives, ensuring a wholesome meal that your dog will love.

Elevate your small breed adult dog's dining experience with Carnilove Fresh Ostrich & Lamb—because every tail wag deserves the finest in nutrition and flavor.
Carnilove Fresh Ostrich & Lamb for Small Breed Adult Dogs in a convenient 1.5kg package. This formula features a blend of real ostrich and lamb meat, offering a nutritious and delicious meal for your small canine companion.

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