Carnilove Buffalo with Rose Blossom for Adult Dogs (Wet Food Pouches) 12x300g

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Introducing a one-of-a-kind Pâté that contains pieces of wild-origin meat and organs, making it a complete food or a mouth-watering topping for kibbles. This product boasts unique types of meat, with absolutely no grains, potatoes, GMO, soy, preservatives, or colorants added. With a meat content of 85%, this Pâté is highly digestible and supports muscle development due to its buffalo content. Not only that, but the high content of omega-3 fatty acids present in this Pâté support immunity, while the rose petals provide antioxidants that promote digestive tract health, healthy skin, and immunity. The composition of this product includes 85% turkey meat and organs (including 26% buffalo), 4% rose petals, 1% pea flour, 1% lignocellulose, and 1% linseed oil. In terms of analytical constituents, this Pâté contains crude protein (11.0%), crude fat (9.0%), crude fibres (0.3%), crude ash (2.5%), moisture (78.0%), calcium (0.2%), phosphorus (0.2%), sodium (0.23%), and omega 3 (0.15%). Additionally, nutritional additives per 1 kg include vitamin D3 (3a671) 200 I.U., vitamin E (3a700) 100 mg, biotin (3a880) 0.5 mg, zinc (3b606) 12 mg, manganese (3b504) 3 mg, iron (3b106) 10 mg, copper (3b406) 4 mg, iodine (3b201) 0.7 mg, and taurine (3a370) 800 mg. Technological additives per 1 kg include carob gum (E 410) 4,000 mg. To top it all off, this product contains natural antioxidants: tocopherol extracts from vegetable oil (1b306(i)) & rosemary extract."
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