Bugalugs Styptic Powder 50g

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Pet had a boo-boo? Not to worry! With Bugalugs Styptic Powder for Minor Cuts & Scratches you can help stop the bleeding fast and avoid any potential infection. Accidents can happen, but by keeping this fast action wound powder on hand, you can swiftly stop any unwanted bleeding so your pet can continue enjoying their day to day activities. \nBe it a scratch from frolicking in the woods, to an accidental nail clipping injury at the groomers, when applied with moderate pressure with a cotton applicator the minor cut will clot in no time at all. \nTest by humans, not on animals and recommended by vets and grooming professionals, this first aid essential for paws and more is safe for use on dogs, cats and small animals.
Vendor Bugalugs
Type Styptic Powder 50g
Weight 0.0 kg