Bugalugs One in a Million Cologne 5 Liter (1.12 Gallon)

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Indulge your pet in the luxurious scent of Bugalugs One in a Million Cologne, now available in a lavish 5-liter (1.12-gallon) size. This cologne is crafted to add a touch of opulence to your furry friend's coat, leaving them with an enchanting and enduring fragrance.

Formulated with care, Bugalugs One in a Million Cologne features mild and soothing ingredients suitable for all breeds. The larger size ensures that you have an ample supply, making it a convenient choice for pet owners who want to keep their pets smelling fresh and sophisticated between baths.

Elevate your pet care routine with Bugalugs One in a Million Cologne in a 5-liter size—a long-lasting solution for pet owners who appreciate the finer things in life and want their pets to exude elegance with every step.

Spritz and go, with Bugalugs One in a Million Cologne!

Eliminate odours quickly and leave your pet smelling irresistible. Scented with popular designer fragrance our dual action formula refreshes and deodorises while providing a conditioning and nourishing boost.

Infused with Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 which helps to soothe the skin and condition the coat. Our vegan PH balanced formula is suitable for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks.

Vendor Bugalugs
Type Cologne
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